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Independent Kiev escort girls write sex stories

Dear gentlemen! We are happy to represent the page with articles about sex. All of them will be written by Independent Kiev escort girls and though they are not writers but they have a wide experience in escorting and already know everything about s-e-x. These stories will entertain you and be a good help in need. Every person is different but almost all of us have hidden nature that we expose in sex, and almost everyone have problems/questions about the sexual part of life. And these problems need to be solved because otherwise they start making influence over other parts of our life.

Sex has two sides: physical and emotional one and questions may appear in either of these parts. The physical one consists of touches, feeling each other's body, physical relationship and sex. But the emotional one means emotional connection, the fire in the eyes of each other, feeling the partner, taking care of him. The lack of love and endearment makes a woman wanting more food and thus influences weight problem. Of course you shouldn't take it just as sport training, but you should know that 20 minutes of sex takes away 200 kilocalories and an orgasm takes away another 36. This workload can be compared with 30 minutes of swimming in a pool. From the culinary view these calories are contained in two breads with butter or a dozen of sugar pieces. So if you take care about your figure then the physical exercises are primary of course but sex also shouldn't be forgotten. From the ages ago people knew that there are two things that are programmed in sexual feelings of a human: continuation of generation and keeping the organism healthy.

Independent Kiev girls will describe not only sexual advices and problems, but also give a solution, describe interesting cases from the world's practice and our own agency's practice. Independent Kiev escort girls will try their best to make the advices simple, understandable and interesting. Who if not a woman can tell you more about women's nature? They will reveal many feminine secrets that may be useful for men. Everyone wants to understand independent girls more and for some of them it takes the whole life to comprehend it. We will also give you some tips about Independent Kiev escort girls, e.g. how not to get cheated, how to find a decent Kiev escorts with acceptable prices and where you definitely shouldn't go in the city in the late time. Many of the foreigners think that our city is full of mafia who is in search of people to rob. It is partly true and Kyiv is very safe if you know it's simple rules. Independent Kiev girls will also try to give the advices to those who are the first time in Ukraine to make the visit the most comfortable and pay less for the services that are regularly higher for foreigners.