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Favorite Places for Kisses of Arena Kiev club girls

Men often neglect their main weapon - mouth. There are so many places on our body that they may kiss giving us unreal pleasure. So, today I would like to tell you about such spots. Maybe some of them will be new for you.

Ears are often neglected area that can be the centre of our pleasure. Men can use mouth and lips, and teeth to stimulate them. The best way to send shivers down the spine is to nibble on earlobe. Man should never start to bite our ears too strong before make sure that the lady Ukraine likes it.

One of the fastest ways to make us horny is to place mouth on the back of the neck. And it is especially great is it happens as a surprise. No matter what we were doing we will forget the task and get busy between sheets. Kiev escorts girls from Arena Kiev club advise to kiss back of the neck out of a sudden but very gently.

Kissing on a face is the most personal kiss ever. Kisses should be light and very gentle. And never ask your boyfriend to lick your face. It is not appropriate. And no biting!

When we still have clothes on the most intimate part of our body is collarbone. It is the best way to make us desire for more and to take clothes off.

Hips are very close to the center of women's pleasure. That is why they are incredibly sensitive. So, men should never miss their chance to kiss this party of the body.

Kissing breasts should never be done wrong. Man can kiss, lick, suck and even slightly bite as long as the lady Ukraine likes it. Breasts are very, very delicate so they should be treated accordingly. And nipples are not the only parts that want some attention. Arena Kiev club girl say that mouth should be used all over the breasts to make female Ukraine really happy.

Mouth can make female Kyiv from Arena Kiev club really happy. But there are some places where most females Kyiv don't want you to be. These places are feet and bum. On the other hand some women adore kisses of these places.
So, if you like kisses in these places you should tell your man about it.

Cheslava from Arena Kiev club