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New review about Liza
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New review about Liza
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Age: 25
Height: 175
Weight: 52
Breasts: 84 (A)

1 Hour: 200$
2 Hours: 250$
3 Hours: 300$
4 Hours: 350$

Age: 19
Height: 174
Weight: 57
Breasts: 88 (C)

1 Hour: 200$
2 Hours: 250$
3 Hours: 300$
4 Hours: 350$

Age: 19
Height: 170
Weight: 56
Breasts: 95 (C)

1 Hour: 200$
2 Hours: 250$
3 Hours: 300$
4 Hours: 350$

Age: 25
Height: 163
Weight: 47
Breasts: 83 (B)

1 Hour: 200$
2 Hours: 250$
3 Hours: 300$
4 Hours: 350$

Age: 34
Height: 170
Weight: 54
Breasts: 95 (D)

1 Hour: 250$
2 Hours: 300$
3 Hours: 400$
4 Hours: 500$

Age: 21
Height: 166
Weight: 48
Breasts: 85 (A)

1 Hour: 250$
2 Hours: 300$
3 Hours: 400$
4 Hours: 500$

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