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Behavior After Sex with a Kiev cabaret lady

I would like to share some important tips about how to behave after making love, because usually we ruin all romantic by terrible after-sex behavior. There are some obvious things that you probably know, but some of them may be new for you.

First of all you should be aware that not only men like to fall asleep immediately after fuck. But you have to stay awake enough to tell him how much you adore him, his body and how much you enjoyed your fuck together. So, fight with sleep and let him feel all your love.

There is one good trick by the way. I have read about it in one book. You can prop yourself on the elbow, so that you could look interested in everything your man says or does. Meantime you can actually fall asleep.

You should remember that he will be tired and exhausted after making love. So, your conversation should not be too difficult for him to understand. Moreover you must not talk about some serious or household matters. It would be unpleasant for him to realize that you had all these things on your mind during your bed games. Imagine how you would feel if after great fuck he started talking about some business matters or family problems. This is the worse way to end the evening.

And if you made love after some argument or even fight it is very important no to start talking about this argument again. Just be nice and let both if you forget about some stupid incident. No matter what you have argued because - some household matters or Kiev escort girls - forget about it.

If you have never upset each other so far you should try not to ruin everything in your sexual relations. Never criticize your partners skills, performance or efforts and never compare him with your previous partners. And by the way I really hope that you know you must never leave fast like Kiev cabaret girls.

So, I hope you will pay attention to these tips and be careful and gentle next time.

Cheslava - Kiev cabaret lady