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How A European Escorts girl Can Give Her Partner Multiple Orgasms

Sexual response and orgasm come so easily for men that they don't even explore these options separately. But I can tell you reasons to check it and to understand that orgasm and ejaculation are separate not only for Kiev escort women but also for men.

If you have never used any breath techniques during making love you may wanna do it now. You should focus on your breath when you are closer to the orgasm so that you could notice it next time. Soon your man will be able to build his sexual excitement and ejaculation.

To stop the flow of urine he uses muscles that are also involved in orgasm. These muscles will help him to develop multi-orgasmic capacity. He should train his muscle: to squeeze and release it. You have probably heard of Kegel exercises. If he has never done that before he should start right now.

Your boyfriend should pay more attention to that point after which ejaculation comes. Masturbation will help you in defying these moments. He may notice tingling feeling which can be a sign of coming ejaculation. Knowing that moment will help to step back from orgasm. Besides this will help him to control ejaculation. 

Then before you pass to learning something new have some practice with this knowledge. Your man may practice alone for some time before you will be able to pass to the next step.

Use should practice very slowly in privacy and without any rush. Start and stop stimulation. Try to play with the moment after which ejaculation comes. When you feel that this moment is coming make a deep breathe and pull back from that point. Then start again. You will be able to discover how this moment feels and will learn to control it.

European Escorts girl advises one trick: when man feels coming closer to the climax he should squeeze muscles and hold like this for few seconds. Do it several times. And to increase orgasmic energy flow man may use his breath.

These instructions will help your boyfriend to learn to control his ejaculation in privacy. After that you may join him to have amazing nights.

Ira - your European Escorts girl