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The secrets of a high-class oral sex

What do men like in the bed? Oral sex with cum in mouth is in the first place. Of course, if the girl offering CIM service Kiev approaches the matter with a share of creativity and imagination. Deep blowjob technique from the professional is sure the way to bring a man a real heavenly pleasure.

Cum in my mouth

Oral sex specifics

The essence of oral sex Kiev is to allow the man’s penis to be inserted into the mouth to the full depth, that is, into the throat. This kind of deep oral sex can be enjoyed both man and woman, provided that everything is done correctly.

Saliva is a good enough lubricant, but if it is not enough, you can use oral lubricants. To get started, the girl doing CIM can offer the man to use these lubricants without taste and smell, so as not to be distracted. Some time later, it’s possible to discover great opportunities for experimentation.

One of them is turning sex into a game. Use condoms with different taste and aroma, use funny rings and jewelry, put on the penis, drawings, flavors, lubricants with an unusual taste. Many people prefer to use food for oral sex coating the penis with honey or jam, or with sweet pastes or whipped cream. All this will make oral sex and CIM Kiev escort service more interesting and unusual.

Also, feel free to give advice. Therefore, proper communication is enough important part of this process advising and informing your partner how exactly you get more pleasure, tenderer or stronger, faster or slower, deeper, further, etc. Only joint actions can lead to the desired result.

While doing a blowjob the girl’s tongue should be stuck out or rolled up under the lower lip. It is also recommended that the mouth and throat are on the same line, this will facilitate the task and give more space for the man’s sexual organ. For this woman can stand, for example, on her hands and knees.

If the man also cares to make the process pleasant for the girl he can let her lead at the initial stage. For example, the woman is on top, so that the guy does not push. Afterward, the control of the blowjob can be provided to the man. And it will also be possible to try new poses and experiment as you please.

Deepthroating is a deep oral sex. Aerobatics is considered to be the “Royal Blowjob” when a girl swallows not only the entire length of the penis but can also reach the scrotum with her tongue. This makes the man feel special because such a service is truly royal and exclusive.

The professional escort Kiev models never forget about the rule of the left hand. If someone has not heard, then the essence is that during oral sex both hands should be involved: the right one on the penis, and the left, gently massages the scrotum. This way the woman will feel, and even try to control the moment of ejaculation.

CIM Kiev escort

Cum in mouth: swallow or not

Who else doubts that swallowing is not only a normal practice but also very useful for a woman’s body? The composition of man’s sperm includes many useful components:

  • Ca, Cl, choline;
  • vitamin C;
  • glutamyl-cysteinyl-glycine;
  • cholesterol;
  • Zn, Mg, K, F, B12, hyaluronidase, citric acid;
  •  other biologically active components.

One milliliter of sperm has an energy value of about 15 calories. Biologically active substances that enhance the antimicrobial protection in the cervix area, stimulate the reproduction of beneficial bacteria and ovulation, clean the uterus from menstrual blood enter the woman's body with it. 

And sperm can be used as an effective cosmetic for women. It is no secret that many creams contain animal sperm, their high anti-aging properties are beneficial and not questioned. Sperm stimulates the metabolic processes in the skin and smoothes it.

Oral sex in Kiev

Cum on my body

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