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Price and F.A.Q.


Please fill the form with your e-mail to get the full price list with hot-offers, services and discounts in 1 minute:

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Our clients often have lots of questions so we decided to give the answers to the most frequent on this page.

Clients are interested in the technique of making an order.
We answer: there is absolutely nothing difficult in booking a CARY model. First thing to do is to send an e-mail with your request. Such way you'll inform us about your choice and also about:

Pick your full name and names of models you've chosen.
The exact place of your date must be specified (incall or outcall). 
The time you're planning to meet our females and the duration.

We don't need more information to provide you with excellent service which you'll remember with excitement and happy smile! After we get your email we match all the required data and organize the ideal holiday for you!  The only requirement for our clients is that we'd like to get a call from you two hours before the start of your erotic date with the best Kiev women. We have to be sure that your order is still vital.
By the way our agency CARY doesn't ask for any prepayments. We trust our clients and we know that all of them are reliable and responsible people!

Is there a way you can make me sure that I'll come at the place of our date and meet those escorts I've chosen before?
CARY is rather respected agency and we have a great image among our clients. We can tell you that you'll meet a charming and sexy Ukrainian angels  that you have chosen beforehand! Of course sometimes it happens that our hot models have “womens days” and can't perform sexually. That's why it's better you choose several ladies and also tell us whom of them you like the most! In this case you can be 100% sure that you'll meet the girls you've liked the most and with whom you want to send your awesome holidays in Kyiv!

Is it allowed to ask ladies for any personal contact information?
Here you meet a strong prohibition! In no case you can ask them to give you their personal contact information, place of dwelling, cell number etc.
We ask you to respect ladies' right for 100% privacy! Don't put our Kiev models in an unfavorable position!  Don't embarrass them with such questions! They like being a secret for people surrounding them!
Also such questions push our sexy and professional girls to unbeneficial actions, because giving a client personal data can cause lots of problems with CARY agency!
It's better to get pleasure from spending time with stunning and top class escort service during the confidential meeting!

Can I spend time with girls in a hotel?
If it's just before 11.30 p.m. you can spend your erotic time in a hotel! It's not prohibited. But you have to know that there are some hotels where the rules are very strict, not as you are used to meet with. For example, Kiev Hotel, Ukraine Hotel and hotel Kreshatik don't want to welcome our elite angels and VIP courtesans there. If we are talking about different hotels, you can simple meet sexy lady downstairs and accompany her to your room.
Sometimes hotel security is ready to take a little money to break the rules for you and your top-class escort. You have to offer them a small bribe of about $10 or $20 and they'll definitely let you in!
Do I have to call for the meeting with girl some exact time before the actual date?
Yes, it's better you let us know about angels you like and about the other details of the meeting 1.5-2 hour beforehand.  In such period of time we can check the timetable of our elite females and verify it with your preferences!

Is it possible to contact ladies without intermediaries?
This variant is absolutely impossible. We want you to understand that we have some rules in our agency and we want you to treat them with respect.
Our babies don't want to break the circle of privacy around them. But of course such rules were also developed to protect your privacy!
Remember that you can't exchange with any personal information with our skilled escorts ladies! It's better you spend great and amazing vacations with our females! Don't ruin it with forbidden activities!
Is it possible I'll get a discount in your agency CARY?

If your order includes more than two of our sophisticated and attractive Kiev ladies, then we provide you with a special discount. You can find out the details if you contact us.

If I don't like the girls I meet, can I change an escort? Is it possible at all?
Our elite agency works only with the bets mannered and behaved ladies. It's not very possible that you don't like female. But if you do dislike her, you only have to call us as soon as your date starts. We will do our best to change the situation! But remember that you will still have to pay a fee for a taxi for our ladies. The fee includes going both ways.

What currency should I use to pay for the services provided by your agency?
We are used to work with various clients and that is why we have already developed very flexible and convenient payment system! We accept such currency as Euro, $USD or Gryvnas. If you want to detail the cost in various currencies, you'd better contact our manager and get all the exact information from him!

In what way do I pay for the meeting with your models?
Our payment system is easy to understand because we want you to save your and our time!  It's important to remember that we work only with cash. We never work with credit cards. The system of payment is as following: you simply give money to our escort lady when the meeting starts! After that you can dive completely with your head into the magic world of excellent sex and pleasure!

Can I have a dinner with girl or see a movie, before we have sex?
The answer is definitely in the affirmative! You can spend exciting time with an escort in Kiev. You can attend any cultural meeting etc. however there is only one strict condition: you have to pay for at all places you visit together with your lady!

Can I spend more time with a lady if I like her a lot?
If you enjoy staying with our professional escort so much, you can be with her a bit longer. The only thing to do for this is to call our managers and to tell them about your desire. Agency CARY is always happy to satisfy the needs of our clients.

I'm not from Ukraine but I like your ladies very much. So I'd like to meet with them abroad.
Our Kiev escort angels can came to your country if you our regular customer. More information here

If I can stay in Kiev only for some few hours is it possible to order a lady from your escort agency CARY?
Of course! We have developed special service for those purposes! It's called mini-tours! We can organize an excellent sex tour for you even during several hours! We provide you with a taxi from and to the airport! We find an excellent play for you to stay with the chosen girl!
If you come in Ukraine from 8 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. you can easily use over convenient services! You'll get ocean of satisfaction from staying with our sophisticated angels! The usual price of the room is about $30 to $100 per night. If you made up your mind and want to spend time with our models, call us or write to our e-mail.

It'd very convenient for me to meet with the escort ladies near the Borispol Airport? Can you provide me with that service?
Our perfect elite services are available only within Kiev! Moreover our top class girls are not allowed to enter 'Borispol hotel'. To make this real you have to pay the security additionally. And only in that case they'll allow you to spend amazing time with Kiev models. The amount of the bribe is about $15 or $20.
But you can never know that exactly today the hotel's security will be favorable to you and let you spend sex time with our escort! By the way don't forget that you have to pay for a taxi (both ways: for the girls to come to “Borispol hotel” and to return back to Kiev).
That's why we offer much more convenient terms! You stay with chosen female at our top-class apartments that we've prepared especially for you!

When I should book a girl before meeting?
We are grateful if you make your order 1.5 or 2 hours before the time of the date! You have to understand that we need some time to organize the apartment and to get in touch with the royal courtesan!
We have to make sure that the lady you like the most is available at the moment!

Are there any additional costs I have to pay if I spend a lot of time with my sexy lady?
The only condition is that you have to provide our  female with food. This is very important as girls won't stay with you more than 6 hours if they don't get anything to eat!

Can you explain me the meaning of the service 'incall' meeting?
Incall meeting means that sexy angels come to your apartment and there spend awesome time with you! So they don't come to your office.

In what ways is it possible to pay for the service?
For all the time that we work in Ukraine we usually work with cash. This means that you give money to our angels when you meet her at the apartment, hotel room etc.
Of course now we've developed new ways to pay for the escort! For instance you can pay via Western Union, Web Money. We also work with Money Gram or Paypal.  These payments are done beforehand.

Is the taxi fee included into the price?
No, you have to pay for girls taxi additionally. If the length of your erotic order is not more than one hour, you pay for one way trip by taxi.

Do there exist any age limit's for the clients who or5der escort service?
The only limit we have is that the acceptable age for ordering a courtesan is from 18 to 65 years!

If I want to spend some time with my lady in Odessa, is it possible to invite her to stay there?
Yes, you definitely can get sex service from our professional models in Odessa. In this case you have to pay for the tickets (to and back from Odessa).

If you have any additional questions you can always get in touch with us via emailing us at

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