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Cary's Apartments

The only thing that a businessman wants when he's on a trip to another country is a possibility to come home and spend some time for himself, feeling comfortable and cozy. No hotels involved - when you stay in hotel, especially 4 or 5 stars, you feel some special romantic mood and get perfect service, but it can't make you feel special home atmosphere. If it's important for you, and you're planning to come to Kiev - welcome to our agency. We will always save the best prices for our clients, and always offer them more than others. We have many different flats - in center of Kiev or close to airport, you can choose for yourself which flat to order and where to live. If you're here for business purposes and you need to stay close to city center, you can choose apartment that is as close to it as possible.

Cary apartment in the center of Kiev

The greatest privilege of Cary's apartments is the fact that they all belong to high class. They don't have a single problem with living conditions, so you won't have to suffer when the bath or toilet is broken or wallpapers are torn in some places. We do everything to make sure our clients are happy in the apartments we offer them. So to keep them beautifully looking and also comfortable, we invite designers to renew the interior when it's actual and part-time cleaning and laundry workers to make your living easy. You don't have to clean your flat on your own and waste your precious time for that - our workers will deal with it.

If you're a visual type of person and want to live in a beautiful flat, we can offer you a photogallery with 100% true pictures of apartments for rent. We are offering different types of apartments - ones for those who love comfort and home coziness, ones for those who long for comfort and quality, and ones for those who appreciate the possibility to save some money. If you've find yourself in one of those statements, just make one call - and we will offer you a perfect flat that will match your requests for 100%. 


For those who always want more we offer technically equipped flats with all of modern living conditions. We work to make these apartments even better, so every time that we have a possibility to better something in our flats, we do this. You want high-speed internet without cables? That's possible - we are offering you WiFi in some of our apartments. Need wired television with many channels for each taste? Get it on a flat big screen - we offer you that! Shower unit? Technical equipment? Anything you like - only in Cary's apartments. We aim to make your stay in Kyiv much more comfortable, and getting a good place  for living is one of essential parts of it.

flat in Kyiv

What do you need to do if you're getting ready for moving to Kyiv for a few days or even for some months and you want a good place to live in? That's so easy. Unlike other agencies, we don't ask you to confirm your arrival in months - we know how unpredictable life can be and that sometimes you don't even know where will you be next week. So if you want to stay in one of Cary's apartments, you need to call our manager when you're able to know the dates of your coming and ask for any services you need. By the way, if you don't want to get home from airport alone, you can use our meeting service. You ask for the ladies you like to meet you in the airport, and she'll be there when your plane goes down.  You may take her home next and do whatever you want - that's the main privilege of using our service.

bathroom in small Cary's apartment

All the flats are sound-isolated, also with great isolation of walls - they are warm and cozy. If it's summer and you need a conditioner, you should mention it to our manager - and you will totally get the right flat for you.

Flat in down town in Kiev

bathroom in the Cary's flat

one bad-room apartment in Kyiv with king size bad

big bathroom

two-rooms flat in the center


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