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List of hotels in Kyiv

If you're a traveller (doesn't matter for what reason - you're in love with travelling or just have to do this on constant basis), you already know how it's hard to find a good hotel, yet not very expensive one. It's almost common, that 3 stars-hotels doesn't suite well to high-paid businessman's image, but still, if you need a place to live in for some time, and it can be quite long, you better choose 3 stars-hotel that still can offer you something interesting and let you live your comfortable and cozy life. So if you want to stay in 3 stars-hotel, we might show you some places you're about to like and admire.

Hyatt Kiev in Kiev

First one is not the best one, but still very comfortable and even quite luxurious. Bontiac-Hotel is situated on Irininskaya street, close to Independence Square, and if you want to live close to city center - it's the right choice for you! Also it will be a right choice if your favorite colors are red and white - Bontiac-Hotel rooms' interior is colored in such tones. You can have your breakfast right in the room - you choose what to eat, and staff serves it in your suite. This is a pleasant service for those who don't like to sit in hotel's restaurant. You can also choose, what bathroom would you like to have - with shower cabin or typical. Beautiful and stylish standard room will cost you 130 dollars per night - this proposition is too hot to say no! If you can afford to stay in Hydropark, which is on the left shore of Dnipro, you will highly appreciate comfort and style of Baccarat Accord Hotel, which is situated right in Hydropark. Rooms of Baccarat-Accord-Hotel are very stylish and fully-equipped with everything you need to afford yourself a great living. Breakfast is included to room's price - you can have a great time eating many of buffet lunch dishes or few of them, just as you wish to have. Stylish furniture, electrical security system and flat screened TV - everything for your comfort and pleasure! And - get ready to be shocked - the price is only 85 dollars per night with breakfast!

Opera Hotel Kiev

Some people build their opinion on a hotel according to reviews of others. If you're one of those people, you just have to get a room in Hermitage Boutique Hotel. This hotel has 3 stars and tons of brilliant reviews. It's one of the most beautiful hotels in Kyiv, and 100% the most beautiful and cozy 3 stars hotel in Kyiv. If you're a smoker, you can order a room with a balcony and smoke there. Also in every room there's a corner for guests and beautiful bath, air conditioning system and flat-screened TV. You can stay in standard room with marble floor or wooden floor, use free cosmetics in bath and enjoy breakfast for extra 6.5 dollars. The price for room is only 110 dollars per night. Still if you need to stay close to Khreschatyk, try Rus Accord Hotel. This one is very elegant yet cozy hotel, where you can feel yourself like you're at home. Rooms look stunning in all those red and gold tones, and big windows (floor to ceiling) add some elegancy to interior. Breakfast is included and bet you'll like it there. Bath is equipped with shampoo and all other types of cosmetic stuff. If you want to have a bite, just visit sushi bar on the first floor and you will be fully satisfied with what they serve there.

Dneprovskiy hotel Kyiv 

You can also be sure that you will feel comfortable because of working air conditioning system. Cost of standard room is 120 dollars per night, which is nice and cheap for the level of hotel. For those who don't long for center of Kyiv, you should try living in Bratislava Hotel. This hotel is one of the most comfortable, especially for the people who like home comfort and don't want their room to have zero individuality. Elegant rooms are really beautiful, with individual bath and full cosmetic equipment. You can have your breakfast each single morning, but payment for breakfast is extra charged on clients - it's 12 dollars. You can use free Wi-Fi in your standard room and feel free to watch any of cable TV channels. You can easily ask for the room with balcony if you need it. Bratislava Hotel offers beautiful view from each room. Cost for living in this great hotel is only 80 dollars per night (if you prefer standard room, of course).

Kozatskiy Hotel Kiev 

If you don't want to rent a flat and wish to stay in the hotel-room, it's highly recommended for you to book it long before your arrival. Most of hotels in Kyiv are very busy with clients all the time, so you won't have an ability to choose a matching room if you're booking it in a week or later. Maybe you won't have an opportunity to book a room at all. So if you know when you're about to come, the best way possible is to book your desired room long before your arrival. Also you can search the lady on our website and ask her to meet you at the airport - and don't forget to take her to your hotel-room and have some fun! 

Rivera Hotel

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