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Ukraine visa what you need to know

If you've planned a trip to Ukraine to meet Kiev escort - that's great, you'll never regret it! there are several reasons and the one of them is that you don't need any of the exhausting visa obtaining procedures if you enter our country.

Ukraine has never belonged on a list of the countries that have very strict entering regulations. In general getting a visa, if you need to get it at all - is very simple.

Ukraine visa isn't an obligatory thing for the citizens of lots of countries. For instance if you are coming from the USA, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Austria, Russia, Latvia, Estonia or Denmark - you don't need a visa.

 But if you are going to stay in Ukraine for about 90 days. If you want to live in our country - of course you'll be involved in the process of getting Ukraine visa. However this process isn't as terrible as it might seem. Believe me you won't waste too much time at the embassy. You won't need to beg the ambassadors to allow you to enter our country. The thing is the rules of the enter aren't very strict in Ukraine.

There are several exceptions from this general rule - if you are the citizen of New Zealand or Australia you'll have to obtain a visa. And it's obligatory for all the citizens. The term of your sty doesn't matter because you need Ukraine visa anyway.

Be careful with counting the number of days you stay in Ukraine. If it's more than 180 without a visa - you are going to get into some serious troubles with law.

If you have just landed at Boryspil airport, you are likely to pass through the passport control. And if you have stayed in Ukraine more than 90 days during the previous 180 days, you might not be allowed to enter the country. So be attentive with these things.  You can avoid this trouble if you use land transportation while entering the country.

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