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Trip to Ukraine

If you happen to visit Ukraine you will be astonished by the size and glory of this European country. As you probably know Ukraine is placed right between Europe and Asia. And that allows it to collect the cultural delights of Eastern and Western countries. Today culture experiences the influences of European and Russian countries. But this is exactly what makes Ukraine so multifarious and extraordinary. 

The Ukrainian culture is embedded in old traditions. We have many reminders that never let us to forget about the history and people who made our country so great.

Many Ukrainian dance troupes praise out culture and traditions in the form of national dances and games that have retained from the ancient times.

We celebrate many different holidays. Some of them (like New Year) are celebrated in all other countries and other holidays are purely Ukrainian. During the holidays we like to make tasty national dishes. Ukrainian cuisine is well-known for it's taste and flavors. During many years Ukrainian cuisine has been influenced by Russian, Polish, German and Turkish cuisines. The most usual components are meat, mushrooms, fruit, herbs, vegetables and berries. Since local people are very hospitable our meals are served in generous quantities.

So, as you can see Ukraine is very interesting country and there are many places for you to see. And the finest way to check out all these places and remarkable spots is to use the services of Ukraine escort girls. It should be mentioned that escort agencies select their workers very thorough. So, all these girls are really beautiful (many of them are models), intelligent, well-mannered, sportive and interesting. It is a great luck to be accompanied by any escort girl. You will be able to visit other cities, swim in the sea, river or lake or visit Carpathian Mountains. All that is possible if you have a desire to see the Ukraine the way we see it.

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