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I was really the best sexual partner and as a friend for Greg

   I love adventures more than anything in this life. I think all we need some spontaneity in our lives, and when the opportunity to go and rock the world happens, I try not to miss it. That's why I gladly accepted the invitation to travel the Dominicana with my client Greg. Greg always told me what he liked the fact of my spontaneity, so he tried to act like me and called agency not even asking me if I'm willing to go with him, and in fact we met the day before he booked a journey to Dominicana. I appreciated this highly and agreed on the happy note.

  But! The journey with Greg wouldn't be a trip without a surprise. So I surely was waiting for something to happen, and it did. He took his mate and mate's girlfriend on a trip, and told me what he doesn't want them to know that I work as Ukraine escorts. I knew Gregg suffered from loneliness because he had no time to get a family and manage the other life except for his working one. And his friends tried to get him a girlfriend all the time - from those girls he never really liked and never would. So he wanted to get things clear and show everyone what he really had a girlfriend. From the start of our trip to Dominicana Gregg asked me to be not only the best sexual partner, but a friend and a girlfriend-pretender, and I wanted to help his just the same as I wanted to travel to Dominicana. And to be honest, it made this vacation one of the greatest adventures in my life.

  Playing romantic couple wasn't easy, but as we tried more and more, the quality of our play improved. I knew what being an escort doesn't mean sex only, but still I didn't know I will someday have to take on the mask of someone's woman. But he was the man I'd easily fall for - so why not, I played my role intense and beautiful way. Greg's friends were really aware of me first days, but then we all stopped worry about nothing and enjoyed our stay in Dominikana. Of course, it was a lot of sex there, and he showed himself as the best lover I had in years. We were talking all the time, spending times in some entertaining places I liked so very much, and bathed in the sea and sun. We were just carefree and so young inside - I forgot I'm an escort girl the next day after we arrived. I value this in people - the ability to give the feeling of absolute freedom, and Gregg was the one who totally gave that to me.

  When I got back, I thought about Dominikana and Gregg a lot, and dreamt of getting back there. Well Sometimes dreams come true, don't they?


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