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A story about my new client Max who likes to buy sex in Kiev...

  I'm a newbie to Ukraine escort service, and my first client was the maiden male to buy sex from me, so I want to share this story with you.

  I didn't even know how everything about this works, but the maiden call from my agent was the one I will remember too long. She told me details about the man who was waiting to me next day in the very familiar hotel. I have never been at such hotel, but I've seen it several times and knew what it is the most popular hotel for our clients. So I was eager to get there and meet my maiden client. I was doubting if I should say him about he was the maiden one to me, and it was like losing my virginity.

  Once I saw Max, I was surprised. I met foreigners before in my life, but he looked really different from our men of his age. He was 45, but when I saw his sporty body, I really doubted what he told the agent his real age. So I asked him about it, and he confirmed, he was really 45. That surprised me a lot - I haven't met a single person looking so hot at his age. We exchanged compliments, because as I could see, Maks liked my body and each other detail of my appearance too. So he told me what I was looking hot to his opinion, and I appreciated it much, telling him how important are the compliments from a man like Maks. And that's all - connection was set! So we could move to bedroom.

  The room was beautiful and bed was extralarge, I loved it and thought about making love on such bed from the very first moment when I saw it. And here we were - after 10 minutes of seeing and knowing each other we went to bed and made love there. I tried to disconnect the thought of making sex for money and I succeed in it . Maks was the man what any woman simply could not resist, and I was one of those woman, so I gave into him and was just enjoying the moment of passion. Sadly we had only 1 hour, so we couldn't enjoy each other at too long. And I wanted it! I wanted to make this sex longer and to stay at the night to know Max better. At least, his great and beautiful, trained and sporty body. He made me feel sexy and I was thankful to him, because it was the greatest start of my career.

  When I went home, I didn't forget to tell Max that he was my maiden. I decided to do it after our sex not to spoil it with reaction of my client. But reaction was very cute - Max was happy with such fact and promised me - we will see each other one more time Or maybe not even for once ;)

  That was my first time, and I loved it. So eager to go on with my job!


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