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Hot and passionate Angelika always has good stories - it is one of them...

  Red Hot women should have red hot sex like Escort Kiev Girls! That's why I was kinda sad when I had no costumers for nearly two weeks. My schedule is busy, so this was the first big gap in it I had for months. I missed my costumers , but most of all, I missed sex - I love having it warm, according to how hot and passionate I am. I was waiting to the call from agency, and it came. My agent told me that I have a date next night with my long-time costumer Bobby. I was surprised, cause I haven't heard of him at half a year, so I waited to the date eagerly. I changed my outfit ten times, chose some very special lingerie, and made my hair look stunning, because I know how costumers love my curly, big and sexy red hair.

  We had a meeting in hotel, so I hurried there and came even a bit earlier. But I didn't wait, I came into room as I sometimes allow myself to do when I know costumers at  long time. Boby was surprised to see me 15 minutes earlier, but he was extremely glad and offered me some coffee. The meeting was late in the evening, so coffee was very in time. I drank it to have some more energy, and asked Boby about what took him so long to come to me again. And yes, it was work - the word all escort girls hear on the daily basis. All of our clients are working hard, and Boby was not an exception.

  And his proposition was extremely sudden - he asked me to go to the restaurant, not to stay in the room. Well, what our clients want - our clients get, but still I wanted some intimacy and was kind of sad of not having it. But we shared a dinner and a talk, and it was very sensual. He asked me about my sexual life and actually tried to keep our talks warm and nasty. And it made me burn from desire. So when Bobby tried to caress my leg under the table, I was ready. And I was ready to him asking me to go to the WC of this expensive and respectable restaurant. I said yes, and we went there, like teens, hiding to get into one cabin together, and then we didn't even care about the sound will be loud and what someone can hear us. It was a moment of clear passion. I realized that Bobby planned it from the very start, but I didn't get this game from the first moment, and now I was just enjoying his great plan and giving him the sex he could never forget about.

  We both were a little ashamed when we had to get out of cabin, and we caught some looks from personnel, but it was worth it. I made a fantasy of my client come to life, and it was a pleasure for me too. So I guess with Bobby it was that exact red hot kind of loving and sexing :)


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