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Sex Travelling with Rajad was so exciting for me...

I ended my summer travelling abroad with my costumers, and started my autumn with doing the same. Two weeks after I got back from Montenegro, I received a call from my agent. Sex Travelling again! This thing never irritates me, and I was ready to go back to sun and beaches, but then I found out what the conditions of the travel were. My client asked me to join him and not to leave the hotel. Just stay there at three days and make love and things, but without seeing some points of interest and so on. Well, I couldn't choose what to do, it was all client's choice, so I agreed and hoped such travel turns out to be interesting to me. I was actually not interested to see Turkey's points of interest, because I've seen them countless times, but I was excited to know who that client with exotic wishes is.

I met him at the airport. He could have a flight from his country, but he preferred taking me with him. “I'm afraid of flying alone”, - he said. “So I try to travel with beautiful women like you”. I was thankful to the compliment, but also a bit nervous, because I realized I have never met Rajad (that was his name) before. I didn't know why he chose me to such strange travel. But since the time we landed, he did not want to answer. And that's where the rule of being an escort girl goes - you can be eager to know something about your client, but you can ask once and not more. If you haven't found your answer, then consider you're not lucky today. But don't try again - ts topic is closed. I know this rule well, so I did not ask Rayad again - I just went to the hotel with him and did what I had to do.

Rajad was very delicate lover and beautiful one - his appearance was impressive, and I couldn't hesitate going to bed with him what moment we enter our suite. And we did it countless times at three days. In fact we did not leave bed, we just went to have a breakfast or Rayad went and bought some alcohol because for some reason he didn't want to take it from the mini-bar. He didn't make permission for me to leave the suite, so I didn't. When he was out, I read books and watched TV.

In the end I understood why Rajad wanted this kind of vacation, but I understood it very partly. I was well relaxed after it, like after doing nothing all the time. I re-energized my inner battery with just having sex and enjoying food, drinks and books. I don't know what was Rajad's reason to stay in the suite, but I witnessed him being even more relaxed. So this sex vacation turned out to be a real vacation for him and for me. And it was great.


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