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It was the most coolest and wildest sex in my life!

  Youngest girls of our agency always prefer someone older to guide them and to have a good speak with, but as for me, I love every of the men types. They are all magnetic and interesting to me, because everyone we contact has a different way of thinking due to being a foreigner. We always try to catch and solve foreigner's mind and find out what they are thinking of. The best way to know what is when you have some extra days, not only to have sex and thank each other to that.

  With my excellent English I have more opportunities to communicate with costumers, and my main interest is psychology, so I try to combine these two items into one and when my costumers ask me to come and escort them in trips abroad, I always answer with the strong “yes”, because it means what at few days I will be able to spend lots of time with someone who is interesting to me. My last trip was to Egypt, and it kind of changed my opinion about costumers and trips abroad.

  I was trying to communicate with Johny from the first second we met, but he was busy reading, answering calls, getting ready to the flight and so on. I decided not to push on him and let him speak when he want it.

  But the talk didn't happen until the very end of the trip. And by some moment I realized what this had to be like that. Some people are not really into sharing their thoughts, but Johnny was sharing his body gladly. We had little talks while having the breakfast or going somewhere, but it was all shallow. Johnny was one of the clients most of the girls gladly met in their work - the one what doesn't like to share his life and take escorts Ukraine only as someone who can make his free days brighter by bringing the coolest and wildest sex. But I tried to enjoy Johny in the bedroom, and from the first I did it. He really made love greatly, and after all I forgot about everything and just made my job in the easiest and at the same time most perfect way I could only think of. If my client wanted sex instead of countless talks - I had to give him THE sex he wanted, the way he needed it and as much as he desired for my body. So I spend my time for tanning, swimming, making sensual love to my client, seducing him all the time and trying to make his impressions about Egypt absolutely perfect. It was quite a strange vacation - Johnny didn't want to visit pyramids even, he wanted just to relax and enjoy being with the girl he chose. And we did it.

  After that, I don't think that the best in our clients is the ability to talk to them. The best is just about being with them and giving them what they want and need.


little girl of Ukraine