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Some girls love anal penetration!

My name is Elvira, and I offer sex in Kiev with anal. Yes, I am an escort in Kiev and I really enjoy my work, especially the dates with hot and unusual types of sex. I love anal sex, and if you're looking for a tight ass to play with - I'll be perfect for you. 

Some men don't believe me when I tell them I really enjoy anal sex. It's a common thought that girls can only tolerate such stuff for their men, but they never like anal. Well, as for me, I love every type of sexual activities if they're enjoyable and bring pleasure. I'm into having a little pain sometimes, but the key word is “little”. So everything works for me right in having anal. 

Of course, sometimes I'm not in the mood of offering my butt. Especially when my client's dick is too huge. But I do know that my clients are smart men, and they realize that a tiny girl (even when she's the real harlot) can't have a huge dick up her butthole. But sometimes my client warm me up in the best possible way and I can't refuse having both of my little holes penetrated the proper way. So if you want to have anal sex in Kiev, treat your lady right and don't forget to warm her up so good she won't hesitate having you inside of her ass. 

I have a regular client who's a big fan of my ass. He loves taking me doggy-style, licking my butthole and then getting into it. He's always very horny about that, our sex is just a prelude to ass-penetrating stuff. And it turns me on how he loves my butt. I always enjoy the way he works me, he does it with great passion and I end up moaning and even experiencing orgasms because of his cock in my ass. Yes, if you do everything right, you may witness my hot orgasm. And this is pleasurable thing, be sure of it. 

If you're about to come to my place or ask me to come to you, and you made up my mind and you want to do some hot stuff with my butt, just tell the manager about it. I need some time to prepare my ass for you, so we can enjoy this together with all the pleasure we can get. Besides, I love knowing when a man has a lot of hopes about our date, I actually quite fancy fantasizing about my clients and having sex with them. I'm really a hot girl, and if you want me all ready - don't forget to forewarn me. And I am sure we will have the greatest time together! 

anal sex in Kiev

Егор 05.02.2018

Моя малышка не просто любит, обожает это!

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