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Sex vacation with Vika: it can be perfect!

Wanna know how ukrainian sexy girls spend their vacations? I tried to tell everything about it in my article

I love visiting seaside, but the most pleasant thing that can happen is visiting seaside with a man who courts me and gives me a lot of sex! Not so long ago I've been taken to Odessa by a beautiful client who wanted to relax in a company of a model. I was happy to escort him and we spent the best vacation ever! Though it wasn't long, few days only, but still, I was very excited. This was my first trip as an escort lady, and I was worried to make the best impression and leave my client extra happy and satisfied. My clothes, my lingerie was new and beautiful, and I always dressed the way the client wanted. I was up to every idea he had and I was more than lucky that he had a beautiful mind and a lot of really crazy and hip ideas to perform. Some of them are connected to sex in Odessa and I can't tell you But believe me, we spent some really hot time together! 

We were swimming in the pool, drinking cocktails, visited some pubs and bars and had a lot of amazing sex Every morning I took my client for a walk and he showed me all of his favorite places. I was listening carefully to every word he said, and he made me laugh and touched my heart about million times. This was the best vacation ever, and the best thing about it was the heartfelt and sincere “thank you” from my client. He stayed really satisfied and he had some great quality time with me. In his own words, I made him feel younger and more powerful. And this is the best gratuity I can ever get. Beautiful woman is always happy, when she is able to make a man happy. This is what I'm working for!

The whole summer is ahead, and then the autumn will start. You can still take me for a trip and have a lovely sex vacation with a girl from Ukraine. It contains a lot of sex and everything you want to do - and you will be accompanied by a Ukrainian model. I love some new ideas, new places and I'm up to spending a lot of time by the seaside or in mountains. I'm really active and sporty, so if you're up to have some active time, you can always count on me. I'll satisfy all your needs and give you a lot of fun, satisfaction and tenderness.

Let's spend some time together this summer!

sex in Odessa

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