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Nastia tells about sex in Kiev

I am surrounded by a lot of men usually, and they do try to have my attention. That's why I'm a little spoiled. But I always wanted this, I always worked a lot to get a perfect body and show it to men, and give them an opportunity to get high in my company. So now I work as an escort in Kiev, and I love my job, I think it's great and really interesting.

What I love the most is the possibility to shine in man's company, and also give some love to this man. I love making men confident about themselves, I love being beautiful, but weak lady by their side so they can feel like real gentlemen and show the best things about them. And I can tell for sure - men love when they can feel strong and passionate! And I love them, and I want them to believe that each one of them is the great personality.

One of my latest dates was with handsome man called Stephen. We met at a restaurant and that was already a big plus for me. I love it when men try to court me, though I'm their paid girlfriend for few hours. What was even more important, is that Stephen seemed to really be interested in me. He asked me questions about my work, my life, my hobbies. And I answered them and I was sincerely interested in Stephen, with each minute my interest only grew, so after an hour or so of talking I was the one who wanted sex with him :) But luckily for me he wanted it too. We went to his hotel room and then the best part of it started.

Stephen was the trained lover, very careful and tender but very confident in what he was doing. He was beautiful without clothes and I couldn't stop telling him that. I really liked the way he look. I liked what he did to me also and I tried to give him the same - all of my love, my appreciation, my tenderness and of course my passion. And he liked what I gave him, he was bathed in love and I gave him what no other woman gave him before. Did he realize that an escort-lady from Kiev can give it to him? In the morning (I was so glad he prolonged our meeting for the whole night) he was very happy and he didn't want me to leave, but I had to. I think we will meet again for sure.

But Stephen is not the only man I can be with. I can make you feel like a natural gentleman, and I can make your night feel like the best night of your life. It's very easy, all you need to do is order a date with me and I will become your princess, your slave or your mistress. I love making dreams come true, and you can be next on my wish-granting list. Don't you want to call me now to have some sex in Kiev?
sex in Kiev

Chohan 21.12.2016

Hi staying in Tbilisi Marriott hotel and need a girl

Answer: our girls are located in Ukraine, but you can invite them to Tbilisi. You need to pay for road (2 ways) and booking is available for 1 day minimum. You need to do that beforehand. You can learn more here

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