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Are you looking for famous Kiev theatre to visit with girls?

  You can go for some shopping in Kyiv, you may stay in your hotel and enjoy girls Kiev escort you ordered from our agency, but still you have to take in some cultural places in Ukraine capital. Kiev has some strong cultural spirit, so if you're interested in stages, you'll definitely find some that are worth going to. You just need to find out what kind of game are you willing to see.

  If you're interested in classical theatrical art, you should definitely visit Lesya Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre. That stage is situated on Bohdan Khmelnit'sky street, and it may offer you some classical games by Ukrainian and Russian troupes. You may easily book the tickets if it's not the premiere evening - and in case you don't know what you want to see you can always ask people on forums and read about games on the internet. Such stage has the constant stock of games and sometimes adds something new. Also they sometimes game gigs from different stages abroad - but only the ones that have the connection to Russian drama. If you're interested in Russian and Ukrainian classics or modern actings, such theatre is definitely the right choice for you.

  The other big and famous Kiev theatre is Ivan Franco National Academic Theatre of Drama. That one has few different scenes and many types of actings that are shown on these scenes. You can see mostly anything you'll be attracted to, but be careful with tickets - holiday times and premieres attract many visitors to such playhouse and there's no guaranty you will have the possibility to get in. Also Ivan Franco National Academic Theatre of Drama has very strong crews of actors and you will surely enjoy the act you are preparing to see.

  Well if you want something out of ordinary, the place you have to take in is Young Playhouse. It's the place where young crews of actors get together to make something special. The acts they're making are not shocking at all, but they got some freshness and are full of interesting moments you're going to enjoy. Great possibility to have some good memories about visiting Kiev.

  The last one is Taras Shevchenko Opera. If you're willing to go there, you should bother someone to buy the tickets long before you're going to visit this place. Opera has some interesting constant classic acts. Be sure to visit “The Swan Lake” - you're going to like it in Kiev Opera's crew variant.

  Think of some actings you want to see and choose the right playhouse for you - leave some time for cultural memories of your trip.