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Kiev history has very interesting story

  What is the right name for capital of Ukraina - Kyiv or Kiev? What is the proper spelling for it in English? These days, such 2 names can be equally utilized in all official sources and in press. In this article we will see why it is so and let's take a look at the Ukraine history, including Kyiv history. Also you will know more about Kiev escort girls.

  What do you know about Kiev? Returning to Ukraine history, the capital of this country was actually names this way in the honor of the oldest brother Kyi in the fifth century. And since that time such a city has been considered to the main religious, cultural and political center of Ukrainian civilization. In fact, the key difference certainly depends on the choice of language - Ucrainian or Russian. Thus Kiew is the transliteration of the name of this city in Russian, whilst the old Ucrainian name that has been utilized for centuries is Kyiv. Besides, it is the transliteration of the official name, as far as some political and legal issues are really concerned, and the modern Ucrainian name at the same time.

Kiev history

  And now let's talk more about Kiev history. It is possible to find such a name on the pages of numerous Ukrainian newspapers in English, for example, like Kyiv Weekly and Kyiv Post. These clearly proclaim the modern name, whilst many English speakers are still more familiar and used to the old Russian name. Such a transliteration problem is quite common to many Ukrainian toponyms, for instance, Kharkiv or Kharkov and Dnipro or Dniper. However, it doesn't change the main point. No matter how to call this brilliant city, it is still the ancient and amazing capital of Ukraina, which always greets you.

  In addition, we will talk about the history of the Kiew underground. Well, it was opened during the 43th anniversary of the October revolution in 1960. And it was the “Khreschatyk” station. Moreover, the first section, which length was around five km definitely connected 5 stations at that time. It is interesting that almost 5 million passengers were already carried only for the first 2 months of the functioning of this underground. And the main work on protecting it actually started after the Second World War. For example, cables and escalators were delivered from Moscow and Leningrad, low-voltage equipment - from Ufa, electrical equipment - from Ural, rails and hardware - from other Ukrainian cities, generators and engines - from Kharkov and finally, glazed tiles - from Lviv. And tunnels were clearly built and combines of tubing, which was made at the Kiew plant called “Leninska forge”.

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