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Best Kiev women and the way they satisfy a client

I'm a Kiev escort for already several years so I'm used to various weird kind of stuff that sometimes I have to do because the clients wants so. However sometimes I can be still shocked by the craziest ideas that come into the heads of my clients.

About a month ago I've met this perfectly handsome client and our first meeting was rather conventional, we had a nice dinner, than we talked a lot as I felt he needed someone to talk to and then we had lots of sex. He fucked me in different though still conventional positions. We were in a missioner position, some doggy style and a few more poses. I made lots of oral fuck and I felt that he enjoyed that the most. So after we were finished I started asking him questions and it turned out that he liked oral the most because he could fantasize during such an interfere.

I wanted to give him pleasure in different way and as best Kiev women do I started asking him about his hidden ideas. It turned out he wanted some role-playing. It was not a surprise for me but then he explained more and I was pleasantly shocked with his sophisticated fantasy. He wanted us to play the game of a James Bond and his Russian friend who is also a spy.

We made a deal we'd do that for our next fuck meeting. So I bought everything essential and dresses up in a wig with dark black long hair, I bought myself very sophisticated long evening dress and a few more preparations and I was really looking like a Bond girl.
He gave me a scenario and I learnt it all. I had my part and he had his art our main task was to play it well. I even had to have a gun under my dress. I've made some ice martini and we started playing.

I should tell it was amazing and I've never felt myself more aroused. We had a long play and then had a very active sex with various words too, best sensual massage Kyiv. But that didn't actually bother me as I was completely in the image of my hero!