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New review about Alisa
I liked the wet and messy kissing, I liked that she was okay with hugging and c...
New review about Emma
I have a soft spot for blondes and have been craving them lately. So seeing Emm...
New review about Olga
Young, sweet and nice. Looks like a tinkerbell fairy, but really active in sex....
New review about Larisa
Been with the blonde, successfully managed to make her cum two times and came i...
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All reviews about girls from Cary


I liked the wet and messy kissing, I liked that she was okay with hugging and cuddling and generally gave me the great girlfriend experience for the price of sex. Alice is too young to be a pro, but being with her felt too genuine, too great for me, almost as if she was a skilled professional. She didn't make it all about sex for money, just incorporated it in our little date so I felt much more comfortable about the whole situation. Sex was still good also, wouldn't trade it for a sexless date, Alice's body is great, curvy but still fit and slim. Kisses were the best part though.


I have a soft spot for blondes and have been craving them lately. So seeing Emma's pictures was more than enough to book a date with her. Bearing in mind that the photos on her profile hasn't been updated in a while, i can assure you she is still stunning and haven't changed a bit, though I would love to see new pictures of girls all the time. I was expecting a lively, energetic young girl next door and that is exactly what I got. I would like to talk to her, but her English skills are a little underwhelming, unfortunately. I love blowjobs and Emma has great technique - I'm still amazed at the different sensations a man can experience with BBBJ as every girl just does it slightly (or not so slightly) different. When you think your last BBBJ was out of this world, the next girl takes it up a notch (or not again, but Emma did). Emma will do whatever she can to please you. Sex was really great, multiple standard positions, cowgirl, missionary and doggy. I definitely recommend seeing her, I know I will whenever I am in Kiev one more time.


Young, sweet and nice. Looks like a tinkerbell fairy, but really active in sex. I asked her for a deep throat and she couldn't do it, and just then I noticed that her page never stated she could do it, so, my bad. Blowjob was still good though, sex was active and she really tries her best while she's on top.


Been with the blonde, successfully managed to make her cum two times and came in her mouth like a champ. When this girl stands before you on her knees asking you to cum, you oblige because that's the only thing you can do. EXTRA hot.


Sweet student Diane was so kind to remind me of my own student days... Being young is great, and she looks even younger in person, which is a great plus for any man in my opinion. She's not very skillful, don't go to her looking for something extra, IMO she's a good option for basic sex with a lot of tenderness, because she's good at it naturally, like all young girls. She has a lot of love in her, and she's able to share it with strangers, so don't sleep on this girl, she's really warm and not fake by any means.


She's very young and very nice, but not even remotely as luxurious as the pictures can assure you she is. And I think that's for better. She's quite a simple girl, very very sweet, she likes talking (her English is really quite good), she smiles a lot and for a good moment you even stop thinking about sex with her because you feel the genuine comfort and attraction, as if she was the girl you like and you were on the first date. But I did not pay THAT much for talking, so we had to go to bed. And you know, everything is good there too. Gives a good head, kisses you passionately and never hesitates to try something. Such a good and real, down to earth experience.


My favorite blond never fails to entertain. Ira is already a trusted lover, a lady who knows the key to all of your orgasms and who never does you any wrong. Her hands are always tender but firm when she massages my back, she always moves seductively when she takes off her clothes for me, and she's the best version of all the women I used to crush on in my life. It's great she can come to my bedroom whenever I want her to.


Her lips are made of heaven, this is what I'm sure of. Her kisses are pure bliss, I loved every minute of kissing her, but even more I enjoyed her lips on my body, in the most random parts. She makes you feel good, she's great at just guessing what would make you feel good. Little tip to anyone wanting to meet her: her breasts are sensitive to touch and kisses, so be sure to please her a little ;) it's good, like quid pro quo and when you're both happy and satisfied it feels even better after.


Likeable and nice new girl, very cute and funny. Not a pro in any type of way, but she's pleasantly good with men, at least she was good with me and I felt pretty happy in her arms. It didn't feel fake at all and it was a surprise for me. For a second she felt uncomfortable due to my size and she didn't try to hide it. I liked it, it was nice and it's good to meet someone real, more of a girl next door for a change. It was a nice date.


She's kinda MORE simple in real life, not that porn model we can see in pictures, but that's even better. Also, she's quite a nice person. Will meet her again.


Very hot, especially in uniforms. I am weak when I see a lady with a slim, yet muscular body, and Tati gives me everything I was looking for. Her touches are firm yet tender, her looks are impressive, but she can still be very feminine and give you a lot of care and love. Just what I need.


I enjoy being with ladies who are not overly vulgar even in this business, so when I spotted Inessa I felt like I got just what I need. She looked beautiful and sophisticated and also timid. Well, the meeting showed that I wasn't wrong at all. Inessa was warm, pleasant, and highly agreeable to be with. A very classy woman. She's also the sort of girl that a gentleman could bring along for a corporate event (maybe I will do it one time). She carries herself well. I enjoyed my time with her. Our love making was passionate, just as passionate as I wanted it to be. When she whispered into my ear, I want you to cum on my breasts, I went wild. Her personality comes across as kind, good hearted. Holding her in my arms I felt all the troubles and worries that I had on my mind dissolved. I will definitely meet Inessa again.


This is my second time seeing Mila. I have seen CARY girls in the past, Mila stood out of the rest. I first saw Mila few months ago and so I jumped on the opportunity as soon as I had the chance again. And she was gorgeous as ever, when I finally met her she gave me a quick kiss and hug, like we were old friends; then Mila recommend we get right into it since we only have an hour! I made sure that she has an orgasm first, and when she returned the favor, it was more than brilliant. I cherished every moment and I will surely be back again for MORE!


Damn. What a fuck! Still can't believe it. Lera is a beautiful, attractive 19 year old with gorgeous bright baby blue piercing eyes, platinum long blonde hair, great and natural B cup tit's and a tight petite ass you won't be able to have enough of while you're taking her from the back. In fact one of the most attractive girls I've been with for a while (both paid and unpaid) and I don't say that lightly. As soon as the door opened Lera initially impressed with her personality and looks. Instant sensual DFK with a sweet young thing pushed my buttons straight away and things started happening to my mind and body. Formalities sorted headed to bed for fun. More DFK, lots of tongue, nice and deep. Her pussy was tasty to say the least. BBBJ was fantasy stuff, young blonde slobbering on my knob was a memory keeper, especially when she looks up at you. Excellent technique by the way! Sex in a number of positions. Passionate, intense and mutually enjoyable for both parties. At least, I'd really like to believe that.


I will be honest, I love busty ladies. And I love ladies who look a bit too much, so fake tit's don't scare me even for a bit, I love them! I asked Angelina to behave the same EXTRA way with me and to my surprise she really did her best! She danced for me, put on a little show with her toys to get me in the mood and I was afraid I'd come sooner than I lay my hands on her so I just went straight to action. We kissed passionately and then she performed a blowjob, so out of this world that I had to have the CIM option because there was no way I wouldn't fill her beautiful spoiled mouth with my sperm. Too bad she didn't swallow ;) Sex with Angelina is fun and two rounds is an easy option with a bombshell like this.


Dominika does not need any introduction since she has too many previous glorifying reviews on over the past years. I was lucky to meet her about 10 times last year alone but every time I felt this euphoria in anticipation and total satisfaction afterwards, it's like going on a date with someone you're really into and this feeling doesn't go away luckily. This fine lady owns not only a mesmerising face, fairytale body (God those curves!) but also a warm and genuine personality. I sometimes wondered how did the God create such an angel on earth. I am totally addicted to her and this addiction grows even stronger with time. Our recent time together was as wonderful as any previous debauchery encounters. Our time was full of passion with endless DFK and naughty foreplays and fantasies, which led to our whole body orgasms. Our afterglow time was so tranquil and satisfying that we cuddled together half in dream and engaged in light hearted interesting whispers about ourselves and world surrounding us. At this moment, I really wish Dominika WAS my girlfriend.


I'm normally a fan of the young hotties, and I was looking for a younger option but stumbled on Katia and decided to go with her. Now I think she's now hotter than anyone 18 or 19 yo who I could went for. She obviously spends a lot of time exercising as she's got a toned body with nice curves, with lovely natural C cups, a firm but curvy bum, as well as a VERY, VERY beautiful face. The booking process was easy, and we met at a nice hotel. She's definitely a girl I could spend an overnight booking with, as she shares enough of herself that you feel like you're spending time with a real person, but still ensures that she remains focussed on you and your enjoyment and pleasure. I was treated to a spectacular BBBJ, returned the favor and loved her orgasms. She was very enjoyable in cowgirl, especially while watching those natural Cs bouncing up and down, and we finished off with some doggy (unforgettable view). After a short break, during which time we shared a drink and she continued to play with me to ensure that I'd be ready for round 2, we indulged in more of the same though this time she encouraged me to finish off over her boobs and tummy while she played with herself. I'm already looking forward to her next visit.


Had the extreme pleasure of meeting Sonya on three occasions over the last month and she is amazing, the sex it'self and dates just get better each time. She treats you like a god and puts on a whole show that is to be seen to be believed. Her photos don't do her justice and you can really feel the connection with her, that helps feeling better when it comes to sex, because I very much appreciate the connection with my ladies. Her pictures are stunning, but believe me, it's not the photoshop miracle, she's even more charming in real life. Would love to witness a lesbi show with her, I'm surely coming back for more again and again.


My first review, and definitely it will be the one to remember. Alla is something else, not like other girls and I am happy that she was my first CARY girl. Unlike previous experiences with other agencies. The session took place in the five star Kiev hotel I was staying in and Alla met me in the lobby looking amazing and I was the only one who knew that she has no panties underneath her beautiful outfit (I asked her to do this and she obeyed). Once we were in the elevator she continued to welcome me and by the time we got to my room I was ready to jump her bones. Once we were in the room, it was not long before I started enjoying those perky suckable nipples, followed by her dropping to her knees and giving the most amazing BJ with lots of spitting and gagging. Alla enjoys when you use provocative language whilst performing her filthy act (or maybe she just put on the show, well then she's such a great actress!). After a few minuts of this mind blowing cock worshipping, she asked me to blow all over her face and breasts. I kindly obliged, and let's be honest here... Who wouldn't? The rest of the session involved a lot of hot fucking. DATY was sweet and I loved how she enjoyed it. We fucked in multiple positions before blowing again all over her face. Can't wait to spend another 2 hours with this amazingly fun, lovely but very dirty lady.


If you are looking for the ultimate sexual companion, you definitely need to make a booking with Eva. When I met her outside the restaurant for our first dinner date, I was instantly mesmerised by her beautiful smile. Her wit, cheeky laugh and enthusiasm for life make her the ultimate companion. Back at the hotel, she showed and proved me that she is not only a beautiful and stunning girl, but truly a sexual goddess. As I kissed her sensitive neck she was instantly responsive and pressed herself firmly against me, that's how much she enjoys touching and caressing. Feeling her get turned on, I decided I needed to explore her perfect breasts and legs with teasing kisses as I made my way towards her clit. She held my head firmly as I pleasured her g-spot and hard clit. After I gave her an earth shattering orgasm, she took control, teasing me as she gave me sexually charged bj ever, with lots of eye contact, and my own Earth-shattering orgasm. I've seen Eva many times now, and every time she leaves me feeling so very happy, content and fulfilled (both sexually and mentally). She consistently amazes me with her energy, enthusiasm, and exploratory attitude which is very rare for a sex worker. If you are looking for someone with beautiful body and mind, who can provide an experience which is intensely stimulating on both a sexual and intellectual level, then make a booking to see Eva.


Very sexy, so punk-ish and yet still glamorous... How could I miss her? I was really into her the second I saw her on this site, then she had new pictures and I fell for her even harder. So it's understandable I waited for her to be free and for us to have a date so eagerly. And man she was worth it! She was hot, she took initiative and we had so much fun together. She really has good english skills so it was easy to communicate and we even shared a few laughs. Her body is sporty and she's tireless in sex. Worth every penny.


This is my first review, but I wanted to leave it because I was very happy with meeting Oksana. I saw a great review on this site and it helped me to build my confidence before making a date for our meeting. I can attest that Oksana is definitely a very nice lady and her level of service provided was top notch (or at least very high level). Booked her for an hour, we had lots of light kissing and it was a lovely gf experience. She was very enthusiastic when we hit the bedroom and it didn't take long for me to finish. The only thing I would say is that she appears to look older than her age a little, and also being with her for an hour was definitely not enough to build a good experience, I just tried her and that was it. Maybe I will visit her again and this time I'll take more time to properly find out about Oksana's skills and talents.


I'd been wanting to see Kira for sometime. Her profile always looked appealing, and I saw she was getting positive reviews, so I decided to meet her. Kira arrived to my place right on time and I went down to pick her up. She was in a dress, standing quite tall in heals, and looked really pretty. She was friendly, a bit shy, but we were both comfortable right away, I think something to do with our chemistry. We sat next to each other and started kissing then everything progressed naturally. She's a very soft kisser, but things do heat up steadily with her. Within a few minutes most clothes were off and I could finally see her full figure. She's slim with nice boobs and her skin is beautiful, her face is pretty and keeps growing more and more on you while with her. I went down on her for about 20 minutes easily before she smiled and did the same to me. I've seen a few heated and sexy asian girls in my life, but this was a slower GFE that progressed nicely and was something I preferred this time. She climbed on top of me and was very tight when easing down then things became quite passionate as we took our time getting into things. We progressed through a number of positions before she enthusiastically climbed back to cowgirl and rode me until she came with a lot of energy. I moved her to lay back and entered her much faster and firmer thinking how sexy she looked and she moaned very loudly until I had to come too. I stayed in her for a moment where we kissed for a moment and got our breath. We only did 1 round of sex but the rest of the time with her was a true GFE. It wasn't rushed at all, we chatted, kissed, finished most of the cheese and all of the champagne I got for the date. Eventually we had to have a final kiss, get changed, and parted ways with a plan to continue next time. Great girl and easily the best GFE I've had.

Dominika has a unique point of difference to any other escort I have seen and if you are lucky enough to be one of Dominika's clients (especially regulars who are with her for a long time, as she treats them in an absolutely special way) then you are in for a real treat. I recall the first time I met Dominika as if it was yesterday.  Even though Dominika had given me a heads up as to her attire to make introductions easier, I was not prepared for the beauty that walked into the café that morning. From that very moment my time with Dominika has been nothing short of life changing, and I am not just talking about the passionate times that we have spent together in bed (though they were my favorite!) It's the time that Dominika invests into getting to know you, to make that all important connection. It's not a faked interest - it is a genuine desire to get to know you, enabling Dominika to be the perfect temporary girlfriend. She really wants to be better for you, to become perfect, and once you experience this all other escorts will go bleak next to her. I have had the privilege of spending time with Dominika many times since our first meeting and I still feel like a child at Christmas when I know I am going to see her again. If you're looking for a companion who truly is interested in you then I assure you won't be disappointed.


Initially I booked a late evening date with beautiful Darina, but she got confused & thought it was a morning booking. After due consideration by my 2nd brain, I thought meeting with such a well reviewed lady would be better undertaken wide awake rather than tired. So a mid-morning meeting was agreed, and I never regretted it. Communication was simple & fast (I seriously think CARY has the best managers on the market, always a pleasure to book a girl and they have some psychic kick to them, always recommending girls you wouldn't pay attention to and they turn out to be your favorites; seriously though, just trust them and let it be a new experience for you) and I soon got to meet the lovely Darina in the flesh. As the meeting was in the reception area of my hotel, we made sure that it was easy to recognise the other. And there she strode into the hotel looking lovely rocking a casual, yet still sexy vibe. Quick kisses on the checks & them it was off to the lifts. Once safely in my room Darina's mouth was over mine & her right leg rubbing between mine. Then off came her dress revealing a fine shapely body. Such great lingerie. The next couple of hours were spent sucking, licking, fingering & old fashioned fucking. Whilst I only came twice, Darina seemed to manage quite a few more. It was great fuckbuddy fun. Pure sex - I wish I could visit her more often and I wish more mornings were like this.


I got the pleasure of booking this hottie Nastya for an hour in the morning during my stay in Ukraine. Unfortunately I couldnt see her for longer because I had work commitments on at the time, however I know for next time I see her I will need to book her for longer. This is absolute must if you want to enjoy this black haired beauty with beautiful curves. She opened up the door wearing skimpy black lingerie, looking just like one on her pictures. Her photos do her no justice, believe me, even though they ARE gorgeous. Her skin is absolutely flawless and her body is tight and toned. As we only had an hour we got down to business right away. She held my hand and walked me to lounge. We started deep french kissing, and soon after she unbuckled my pants and gave me an amazing bj looking at me. At that stage I knew I had made the right decision. Nastya also showed me what real deep blowjob feels like. AND how could I possibly resist this... Oh my god, too bad I couldn't use the sexy mouth of hers to cum into it. The sex was amazing though. I came a lot faster than I wanted. I thouroughly enjoyed the experience and cannot wait to see her again. Nastya is fantastic at what she does and I have no doubt we will meet again!


From looking at all of her photos, even though her face is blurred you get the impression that Inna is very beautiful but the reality far outstrips anything you can imagine. I was waiting nervously for her to meet me but was gobsmacked when I saw this vision in a red dress approaching me. She is not just beautiful... She is really flawless as for me. As we headed upstairs and went in she calmed my nerves and made me feel at ease... it's a rare gift and she has it in spades, believe me. We spent some "getting to know you" time together on the couch then sorted out the financials and I jumped in the shower. We made it to the room where I helped her out of her dress and spent more time warming up... she is a phenomenal kisser, I rarely enjoy kissing with ladies I don't know but this was a first session THAT hot and personal for me. Things hotted up quickly and we divested ourselves of towels and underwear and made it to the bed. I won't go into specifics, but Inna is exceptionally skilled. I had a lot of fun both giving and receiving with her and we got hot and sweaty together. A quick clean up shower later and then we were back on the bed relaxing and winding down... Inna is an absolute treasure and someone that you must spend time with...every second with her is time well spent that you will never regret.


Kristina is really beautiful looking girl, but most importantly she's very friendly, smiling and greeted me nicely with a hug and a kiss. I like how professional she is, no time wasting and she was wearing what I requested, a long dress (I made sure to mention it to manager so she could be ready). Settled the money, and went straight to play time (I love how she handled the pay moment btw and went strictly to pleasing me after). This girl smiles a lot. Not fake laugh just naturally - and I loved it. We started by hugging and kissing... not long after that I pulled my pants off and let her gave me a nice deep BJ. I have to say I enjoyed watching her giving me oral. It also felt nice of course, because duh. You know. Then I wanted to try different positions. Kristina is very easy going, unlike other girls, she let me do what i want (I wanted nothing inappropriate thanks God). I'm a gentle lover. So we tried standing doggy, fuck on the chair, me standing up while she blew me then went to bed and had more positions... Back to more oral, then cowgirl ride when she sat on top of me (wow, that felt nice, she has such a tight vagina). More missionary, me on top of her for some time, but not really long till i cum... Normally when the girl is good, I get to enjoy. Kristina is just that girl. When our time went out she kissed me goodbye and parted with me like I was her long time lover. Overall, fun experience. Definitely would recommend any punters out there. Be a nice guy and you get to spend a good time with her.


I had been eyeing Eva's profile for quite some time, she seemed perfect in every way and the only thing that bothered me was basic English skill, because I'm quite a firm believer in the power of communication with a lady. But I decided to give her a try anyway. I was my favorite city of Kiev on business for several days and had the opportunity to finally meet this charmer. The day arrives and I was so very eager to meet Eva, just thinking about what I would do with her was making me hot and bothered and to be honest very hard. The moment arrives and I was greeted by a gorgeously hot to trot young brunette with the most amazingly deep blue eyes (this is such a stunning combination!) and a gorgeously cute smile that left me weak at the knees. I gently kissed her lips which then turned into passionate kissing and fondling. We walked over to the bed room, I had her get on all fours, stick her behind into my face and I gently licked her thighs and buttocks, Eva then said gently to lick her pussy, it was moist and delicious and as she was on all fours it was great to slap her and caress her perfect ass at the same time. The best part of this was that Eva was very receptive to this and that made the experience even more amazing. The blowjob she gave me in return was even better than amazing, but the only thing that really saddened this experience was that Eva doesn't offer CIM. But the eye contact during blowjob made me forgive her for such a thing! Of course we had an intense fucking session and in fact she made me cum multiple times. I was happy we had more than enough time on our hands. Eva is an amazing young women, highly recommended!

I had the pleasure of meeting Oksana in the beginning of October. I have visited many high class companions in Kiev and I spend time in Kiev a lot, but among all of the girls I met i found Oksana a truly exceptional escort whose hotness will drive you crazy. Oksana is truly a sex bomb, a perfect companion to fulfil your wild desires and more. Her stunning beauty, smily greetings, passionate companionship will surely give you a pleasant experience. She is truly a sex goddess. I booked her for an hour and i enjoyed every second of it, though I really regretted getting soooo little time with her. If you ask me what so special about this sexy diva, my answer will be- Oksan's hotness, wildness and untamed hunger for sex. I personally think it's impossible to tame it. I have to also share a very personal moment, but I love, love, LOVE prostate massage and of course I asked Oksana to perform it on me... And she did! No hesitations, no mean face... It felt like she enjoyed it. I did return the favor in a way by giving her oral, and this time I KNOW for sure she enjoyed it. This experience was my favorite. She's great and she's really in love with sex. I would recommend her absolutely to everyone.


Can I meet Inna this weekend in Bucarest for two full days? (Saturday and Sunday)? If she's available, how much would be the extra for CIM+Swallow for the two days?.


Answer: it's better to contact our manager: it's possible, but you will find out everything you need to do for the trip and manager will answer  all your questions. 


Bogdana is an absolute sweetheart. She was right on time (even a little early!) and looked incredible. She does look like the pictures in her profile. Gorgeous body - loved her curves. We had some prosecco, she seduced me slowly and softly. Guys, once she looks you in the eye with those beautiful blue eyes - it's game over. She never stops looking into your eyes, while she has you in her mouth, while you are inside her, while she plays with herself and let's you watch. Amazing. Take good care of Bogdana, she deserves your respect and only the best.


I popped in to see Eva on my way home just now. She has a nice flat, secure and it's easy to find, clean and cosy. She was ready and looking sexy in her lingerie when she opened the door and after we sorted the payment she wasted no time and she whisked me over to the bedroom. She was really really good - dirty with a sensual side and had lots of energy left for a second round. She was the perfect end to a long day and I would recommend her highly. She likes to please and be pleased is actually a very pretty girl and genuine girl. I gave her a good tip and I will see her again at some point. Thanks to the agency, you haven't failed me yet...


Oh, this pretty one, miss Vasilisa, what can I say... It was our first meeting, but for sure will not be our last - I would book her again immediately for my next visit in Ukraine but unfortunately it's impossible to book THAT ahead in the agency (maybe they are not sure this beauty will work here still by that time, well, whatever). Vasilisa arrived to my hotel - surprisingly in time, which I didn't expect to be honest. She was wearing a beautiful skirt heels and a shirt she looked amazing even more beautiful than her profile, which I wasn't sure was even possible at all. For me our time together was at real as it gets, and I didn't feel like I was with a girl for money. She has such an amazing smile, it really lights up the room. Details? Who cares about them, all you have to know that even with CBJ (which is the only option she really gives you) it's the perfect experience with the real and very beautiful girl.


I popped in to see Inna on my way home just now. She has a nice flat, secure and it's easy to find, clean and cosy. She was ready and looking sexy in her lingerie when she opened the door and after we sorted the payment she wasted no time and she whisked me over to the bedroom. She was really really good - dirty with a sensual side and had lots of energy left for a second round. She was the perfect end to a long day and I would recommend her highly. She likes to please and be pleased is actually a very pretty girl and genuine girl. I gave her a good tip and I will see her again at some point. Thanks to the agency, you haven't failed me yet...


Finally I was lucky to meet this gorgeous model! I noticed Ira on site long ago, and REALLY noticed her when she changed pictures and it turned out she is blonde now! I'm a big sucker for blonde ladies, I love them most of all and the fact that the girl I liked is now even more beautiful made me want to see her as soon as possible. When my business finally led me to Kiev you can imagine HOW soon I tried to make this booking. And I was even VERY lucky to meet her the same day booking was done. Ira looks even much prettier than on pictures, I was so surprised by her pleasant appearance when she finally arrived in my hotel. She is a very nice, easy going person every man would like to spoil - so I did, in my own, sexy manner. Her body is magically attractive, and her eyes are capable of making any man fall onto his knees. Luckily for me it was her who fell on her knees that night. EXCELLENT oral you guys. Check it out. I can't not notice how respectful Ira was, I've been with ukrainian escorts before and they are mostly friendly but not respectful much - Ira was a pleasant exception. I loved the meeting, 10/10 rated and of course I would recommend!

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