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All reviews about girls from Cary


She is a great looking girl, very friendly, sexy, naughty and willing to please. A girl who seems to enjoy what she’s doing. I enjoyed my meeting with her and, definitely, I will book her again for a much longer session.


Asya caught me with her erotic radiance. She has that certain something which attracted me from the beginning. I spent 2 hours with her and had the best time. She is who understands how to please a man. I can recommend her for every man who loves sexy and confident girl.


She did not disappoint, Tanya is a passionate, happy and enthusiastic lover, very determined to make a man experience the greatest pleasure ever. She was doing so well and when she finally became unhinged, I was so fucked by this beautiful girl. It came totally unexpected. Such a naughty girl in disguise.


Are you sure Aleksandra is a bust 1? She looks larger in the photos. Very beautiful and sexy photos!


What a shy woman! All the two hours that we spent together, she drove me crazy! I did not have such a bright orgasm for a long time. Just pleased that the blowjob is not a problem for her. Even if you have a big dick! Thank you for this experience!


What can I say? That girl so looove to suck cock! Amazing experience. Real deap throat. There is no "oh my teeth to big for your dick" After she leaves me I've jerking on image of her. Waiting for you again, my lovely bitch!!


What a lovely and fun woman Aleksandra is. Serieously, „wow“ seems to be the word I said the most when I was with her. She really is absolutlely spectacular. Makes me want to move to Kiev just for her.


I'm so fucking impressed. This shit is redicoluos! Her pussy is so fucking hot as the supe ova-star bo few seconds before somewhere in the Galaxy!!!! My dick's penetration into it was like traveling through the Mole Hole from the Satu orbit to the Andromeda Galaxy!! Unfortinatly she's not so good in English that I expected. So we got some troubles with comunication, but gestures helped us to show our wild nature. She and me ain't nothing but mamals. So we did it like the monkeys did it on the Discovery chanel!!!


I can admire this girl forever, she is so beautiful! And what she did in bed ... unforgettable! I look forward to seeing you again: *


The experience with Zhenia was very beautiful! She is a sweet girl, and very friendly, if you are friendly with here. She is trying to do her best and she is always there to pleasure the customer. If you like young, sweety girl, than she is right choice. Zhenia definitely see you next time!

Answer:Yes, Zhenya is unique! If you want to experience those sensations again and see the beautiful Zhenya, just dial our phone number.


Was skeptical at first, but it tu ed out to be a very nice experience. Slender, very flexible, soft skin, soft smile, young and cute.


Very slim, great body, but her face is not that great sadly. Pretty much a mediocre girl next door with a smoking hot slim body of a model. I liked having sex with her, the booking was made specifically for anal because manager told me she's a good option for that (I looked for a girl who offers good anal, not anyone in particular), but I loved blowjob, anal and just regular sex with her the same. She wasn't a firecracker, but I enjoyed time with her a lot and I think about booking her again to try more things with her.


Are you back into normal operation? Can I book Nina for this weekend in Warsaw?

Answer: We are on holidays. We open from 1/08/2018


I liked the wet and messy kissing, I liked that she was okay with hugging and cuddling and generally gave me the great girlfriend experience for the price of sex. Alice is too young to be a pro, but being with her felt too genuine, too great for me, almost as if she was a skilled professional. She didn't make it all about sex for money, just incorporated it in our little date so I felt much more comfortable about the whole situation. Sex was still good also, wouldn't trade it for a sexless date, Alice's body is great, curvy but still fit and slim. Kisses were the best part though.


I have a soft spot for blondes and have been craving them lately. So seeing Emma's pictures was more than enough to book a date with her. Bearing in mind that the photos on her profile hasn't been updated in a while, i can assure you she is still stunning and haven't changed a bit, though I would love to see new pictures of girls all the time. I was expecting a lively, energetic young girl next door and that is exactly what I got. I would like to talk to her, but her English skills are a little underwhelming, unfortunately. I love blowjobs and Emma has great technique - I'm still amazed at the different sensations a man can experience with BBBJ as every girl just does it slightly (or not so slightly) different. When you think your last BBBJ was out of this world, the next girl takes it up a notch (or not again, but Emma did). Emma will do whatever she can to please you. Sex was really great, multiple standard positions, cowgirl, missionary and doggy. I definitely recommend seeing her, I know I will whenever I am in Kiev one more time.


Young, sweet and nice. Looks like a tinkerbell fairy, but really active in sex. I asked her for a deep throat and she couldn't do it, and just then I noticed that her page never stated she could do it, so, my bad. Blowjob was still good though, sex was active and she really tries her best while she's on top.


Been with the blonde, successfully managed to make her cum two times and came in her mouth like a champ. When this girl stands before you on her knees asking you to cum, you oblige because that's the only thing you can do. EXTRA hot.


Sweet student Diane was so kind to remind me of my own student days... Being young is great, and she looks even younger in person, which is a great plus for any man in my opinion. She's not very skillful, don't go to her looking for something extra, IMO she's a good option for basic sex with a lot of tende ess, because she's good at it naturally, like all young girls. She has a lot of love in her, and she's able to share it with strangers, so don't sleep on this girl, she's really warm and not fake by any means.


She's very young and very nice, but not even remotely as luxurious as the pictures can assure you she is. And I think that's for better. She's quite a simple girl, very very sweet, she likes talking (her English is really quite good), she smiles a lot and for a good moment you even stop thinking about sex with her because you feel the genuine comfort and attraction, as if she was the girl you like and you were on the first date. But I did not pay THAT much for talking, so we had to go to bed. And you know, everything is good there too. Gives a good head, kisses you passionately and never hesitates to try something. Such a good and real, down to earth experience.


My favorite blond never fails to entertain. Ira is already a trusted lover, a lady who knows the key to all of your orgasms and who never does you any wrong. Her hands are always tender but firm when she massages my back, she always moves seductively when she takes off her clothes for me, and she's the best version of all the women I used to crush on in my life. It's great she can come to my bedroom whenever I want her to.


Her lips are made of heaven, this is what I'm sure of. Her kisses are pure bliss, I loved every minute of kissing her, but even more I enjoyed her lips on my body, in the most random parts. She makes you feel good, she's great at just guessing what would make you feel good. Little tip to anyone wanting to meet her: her breasts are sensitive to touch and kisses, so be sure to please her a little ;) it's good, like quid pro quo and when you're both happy and satisfied it feels even better after.


Likeable and nice new girl, very cute and funny. Not a pro in any type of way, but she's pleasantly good with men, at least she was good with me and I felt pretty happy in her arms. It didn't feel fake at all and it was a surprise for me. For a second she felt uncomfortable due to my size and she didn't try to hide it. I liked it, it was nice and it's good to meet someone real, more of a girl next door for a change. It was a nice date.


She's kinda MORE simple in real life, not that po model we can see in pictures, but that's even better. Also, she's quite a nice person. Will meet her again.

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