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Listen to a story from queen of sex tourists

Many of my clients tell all the time that it's so hard to find a companion for sex tourism in Kiev or abroad. Like, they tried it on dating sites - and nothing, they also asked their real time girlfriends - nothing again. No use of this - if someone comes with them, then these are the girls you can't spend time easily and happily with. They will spend all of your money for their needs and leave you without anything you wanted. Of course men never like this, that's why escort ladies are making it well and surprise men with our knowledge and possibilities. Especially during cheap tours to Ukraine or abroad! Not so long ago I had to become a travel companion for one of my clients. It's winter in Kiev, and I was relaxing in a hot country Life can't be any more perfect, huh?

So, my client decided that he wants to find a travel companion among CARY courtesans and he set up a real casting for all of us. Even though we met many times before and he knew me well and was so satisfied with my services, he wanted the best model for a long time journey, that's why our managers told our girls to show themselves in best possible way to him. He could look through lots of our models and then choose himself a best one ever. But suddenly, after seeing everyone, he chose the one he liked from the very start And that was me, hooray! I'm not mainly travelling with sex tourists - my first work is to perform sex in capital of Ukraine, but I've been to different countries with my clients before, so I knew how this goes. This time it was really different though. I was told what my man wanted from this tour and how should I entertain him. Well, to be honest, the list was large - starting with oral sex each single day and ending with bathing in the night sea Of course, not only swimming. The program was so naughty and full of different stuff, and I think some other girls would say no to it, but ladies of CARY agency know how to entertain a man and make him happy, so I was not shy of that at all.

My client got everything he could dream of out of this trip. His beautiful companion gave him everything he wanted and even a lot more, much more he thought from the very start - like hot loving and lot of talks on different subjects. My main goal was to show him that during sex tours to Ukraine our courtesans perform more than clients ask of them. We love to entertain and we love to seduce. That means that travelling with us will be unforgettable to each man Mine was satisfied to the limit, and how about you? Don't hesitate to order cheap tours to Ukraine for seeing one of us!
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