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Perfect travelling to Montenegro with a young and successful guy

  I have many costumers I’m gladly spending my time with, but when I meet younger guys who want to take me out and prefer my company, not company of younger models, I feel surprised and… flattered. And I think I know why they make their choice just like this - they love the experience I have and all the things I am able to give them. So I have plenty of youthful clients and I love each one of them. Martin was not one of my regular clients, but he was such for agency, so my agent allowed him to make his first tour offer – he wanted to take a lady abroad and spend some time with her in his vacation. Marteen always asked of younger girls and he was 25, so I was very surprised when heard of him. But when we got a travelling to Montenegro, he told me why he made his choice like this and I understood him.

  It was a perfect morning near the pool in our hotel. The weather was brilliant, but both of us were too lazy to go to an excursion or something, so we were just lying and trying to enjoy life. It was me who offered the cocktails and started out with the question about why did Marteen asked for me to escort him to Montenegro. He was confused a bit, and then, we he realized it was nothing more than a friendly question, he told me what he prefers mature ladies for everything that’s not connected to sex only. Youthful escort girls are perfect in anything about sex, but he wanted someone to feel close and related to. After that I found out what it’s like to be a young and successful man in Switzerland (where Martin actually lived). He told me about his business, how he made it to the top of success and why he is meeting escort girls most of the time, not willing to switch it into some serious relationship with a modest and well-behaving girl of his society range. And you can’t even guess what happened next. Me and Marteen, we were having sex like we went out of our minds, and I enjoyed every moment of being closed to him. It’s the philosophy I stand on – when you know what’s your client about and who he is, you can bring him so much pleasure. So from that moment we were spending time more effectively, because I knew what Martin wanted and gave it to him.

  After four days of full paradise, sensitive satisfaction and complete understanding of each other, we had to fly away. I got back to daily working, but in a week I received a call from my agent telling me that Martin wants to meet me in the hotel. I knew I found one true lover and regular client. And I loved the thought of it.


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