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Dasha tells about sex in Kiev

Are you looking for sex in Kiev? Bet most of foreign men do. Our city is full of beautiful ladies, those who are originally from Kiev, and those who are from other cities. And I am one of the ladies who work professionally in escort, who make love for money and who love what they are doing (I guess this is the most important part). How did I, a lady of culture and art, not a young girl, but the experienced woman, came to this job? This is not that interesting, believe me. What's more interesting is that I enjoy what I do for living, and money is not the most important part of my work. Actually, I receive money, but I work also for pleasure of making life of different men beautiful.

Men are often tired with women who want to take control of them, who want everything and who want to give absolutely nothing. That's why they use hot girls Kiev when they need someone special, someone who won't let them down and destroy them emotionally. And I know how to bring pleasure to a man and give him a break from hard relationship, from hard times. I think that sex is really useful when you have moral breakdown, and I know how to make sex feel absolutely special. Sometimes adding some flirtatious talks helps recovering mentally. And I am professional at flirting, my eyes don't lie, they are really that playful and flirty. And my body is very responding.

I work not for long, but I already met client who was breaking up with his wife. At first he wanted some sex with Kiev girls to get down and feel okay, but then he chose me and we both knew that it was for good from the moment we saw each other. He really liked me, and I knew he was down because of something, so he needed my help for his night to become better, cooler, hotter. I could do that, I wanted to do that, I wanted to make him feel hot so I proposed him to tell me everything he would like to do, I would perform it.

I combined sex with tender and sweet words. I wanted to give him something for his ego to rise, for him to feel himself a better man, and I did it - I did it well, he really felt relieved after our sex and after our talks. I knew that it would be helpful for some time and that he will remember my words. They will help him for long.

And I want to say to all the men You are unique, each one of you, and us, Kiev girls, we know how to make you happy and how to give you extra satisfaction. Try one of us and you will feel high! Maybe it will be me?

sex with Kiev girls

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