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Kiev call girls and sexual playing with food

Kiev escorts are used to various kind of stuff. They are on the good terms with the most specific role paying, they are used to strange fuck and of course, human imagination can invent completely new and shocking ideas and thoughts.

One morning I was called from an elite escort agency and told that I had a client for that day. Generally I'm always ready for such callas because I always maintain a nice look and fresh skin and good clothes. But an agent told me I had to read some of his requirements via email. I agreed and received a note for Kiev call girls from this client. He said that he would like to have some food play before the sex. He asked me to prepare my kitchen with a water proof material and for me to dress up like a tiny and nice wood fairy. So I wore a blonde wing and a sexy cute dress.

When he came he had lots of packages with him. I looked inside and I saw various cakes and canned staff there. He said that he was aroused by a lady all dirty with food. So we started. At first I didn't enjoy it much and I hated everything wet on me, and my fancy clothes damaged by the cakes and sweets, but after a while I felt that it was really funny and my clients made up such positions and situations which made me laugh a lot. And of course when I rubbed his skin and dick with honey and cream I wanted him very much.

Our fuck was amazing because we had made a great connection before during that food playing thing. He fucked me tenderly at first. Then he rubbed me with numerous canned food and licked it all of me. I loved that because I could feel his warm tongue and hi burning desire to have sex and to dive deep in me with his dick.
The oral love we had was perfect too because different feeling ad emotions were mixed. So I thankful to him for that extraordinary experience that I had during escort service in Kiew: that was shocking but pleasant notion for me!


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